Dragon Ball Franchise Fans Celebrates Saiyan Day

Today (18 March 2019), the fans of Dragon Ball Franchise are celebrating Saiyan Day. The fans celebrate Saiyan Day on March 18 or 318 (318 means 3 stands for 3rd Month 'March' and 18 is the date as you know). A fan named GogetaXV announced on Twitter about Saiyan Day, You can see the announcement below;
"Today(March 18th) is celebrated as Saiyan Day or 318 Day by DB Fans. March 18 - 318 (San Ichi Ya). By depicting 318 and By Shortning "San Ichi Ya" as
"Sa - 3, I - 1 and Ya - 8" ; its pronunciation sounds like "Saiyan" So, Happy Saiyan Day!"  

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